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York is one of England's most historic and beautiful cities and is located towards the northeastern region of England in the heart of the white rose county of Yorkshire (...which is very nearly another country in itself!). York City has over 2000 years of recordable and fascinating history to explore within, and around and about its iconic architecture, and right across its beautiful countryside.

Criss-crossed by a variety of peoples throughout the ages; from the militant early-Briton federated Celtic Brigantes tribes, to the Romans, Angles, Jutes, Wends and Saxons, and on to the Vikings and the Normans; and then more latterly culturally with the Georgians and the Victorians. As such, all these peoples have left their own deep and lasting imprint on the walled 'capital' city of t'North that more recent time, with the exception of the Victorian development of the railways, had often seemed to past it by.

One of the first must-see places to visit is of course York Minster... Which dominates York's skyline. Comprised of 16,000 tonne's of hand-hewed and hand-crafted Tadcaster towns' magnesian limestone, the 14th Century Minster is one of the largest and most magnificent Gothic Cathedrals in Europe. It was a gobsmacking wonder in the 14th century and remains so to this day.

York in the 21st Century is a relatively small, yet lively city, full of contemporary shops and restaurants, and it buzzes with award-winning visitor attractions. If you haven't visited York before then what are you waiting for?  


York is arguably Britain's favourite city. York has something to offer everyone... The whole year round!

York Minster

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